¿What's Chaos Factory?

Chaos Factory wants to bring creativity and design to the Blood Bowl’s world. Our aim is to improve this great game with high-quality artistic products. An inventive and unique approach to the products is our way to achieve it.

¿Who is who?

Hi! The founder of Chaos Factory is Jordi, myself! Or Shumy, as I am also known amongst players. And there’s also a team of partners!   

I’ve been playing for more than 12 years, and I really like painting and sculpture. Whenever I receive and order, I look for uniqueness and perfection. Paint brush and putty are my best allies!

¿Why Chaos Factory?

Because we are not just another brand. Alternative miniature brands are spreading, but we offer an entirely new sort of game accessories. We value details and provide creativity, thus upgrading the game experience.  Scoreboards, Bases, Accessories, Trophies and Medals are part of our exclusive collection. Because… Player does not live by miniatures alone!